Frequently asked questions

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Who can apply?

If you have a European food company offering a first-to-market snack you are exactly what we are looking for. In our terms and conditions, you will find more details about the companies we are willing to distribute

Do you take any equity?

Yes, but only if your product proves to be successful in the market. We will distribute your product in independent points of sale around Spain. In exchange, we will ask for a % of equity. This amount will depend on the number of points of sale we are able to distribute your product to. We will not decide whether you product will be a success, the real market will

What type of products are you investing in?

We are looking for snack products in one of the following categories: fit, experimental, natural or traditional snacks. If you are not sure in which category your product best fits, do not hesitate to contact us

How do I apply?

We have a simple application form waiting for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Who is behind SnackIN?

We are Grefusa, a popular spanish snack manufacturer. We have been developing great products since 1929

If my project has already taken some funding, can I still apply?

Sure, there is no problem. If this is your situation, please make sure you tell us about it in greater detail in the application form/process

I have a great idea of a product but it has not been produced yet, can I apply?

We like to see and taste the products before investing resources. We are sorry, but we cannot accept applications of products that are not ready-to-market. However, we will be glad to welcome you next year!

Can we participate in the program without visiting Valencia?

We firmly believe that the product is important, but so is the people behind it. This is why we like to meet the team we might invest in. Therefore, we want to meet you in person in our offices

We have two products. Should we submit two applications?

Yes. Our application form is designed to acquire all the necessary information about one single product. If you have more than one, please fill in as many forms as products you would like to participate with in SnackIN

Will you sign an NDA?

Honestly, no one would at this stage. We do, of course, comply with our Privacy Policy. For anything else, you will have to trust our informal commitment to be discreet. Even the best product needs more than just itself to succeed. It needs marketing, a great team and overall clients. That is why you shouldn’t be too worried about telling us about your idea.

When will I hear about my application?

We will try to give you feedback of your application as soon as we have reviewed it. We will contact all applicants (whether their application is successful or not) by the end of July 2018. If by this time you have not heard back from us, please get in contact with us.