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Who are we

Grefusa is a Spanish family company founded in 1929 by the Gregori family. In its origins, the Company was focused on peanut-toasting, turning to snacks years later with Gregori’s second generation

Nowadays, Grefusa produces dried fruits and grain snacks: food to enjoy. Brands such as Gublins, Papadelta, Pipas G, El Piponazo, MisterCorn or Snatt´s, are proudly part of Grefusa’s family. Each year, more than 275 millions Grefusa products are consumed

GREFUSA VENTURES is the Company’s investment programme. Its goal is to support and fund different entrepreneurial initiatives, either in the snacks sector or with a technological core, looking to create the snack of the future

Grefusa Ventures, 
passion and innovation since 1929

GREFUSA VENTURES, Grefusa’s investment program, is looking for companies to build the snacks of the future from two different views:

  • Companies which use innovative ingredients, packaging, distribution channels or production process to sell salty snacks. They are seeking an industrial partner to support them in specific areas
  • Companies that have developed a disruptive technology which allows to better understand the relation with consumers or which can be incorporated to the Company’s current manufacturing processes to increase its efficiency or to create healthier products. These companies are seeking Seed/Round A funding

Because innovation is in our DNA, we love to explore new opportunities

Grefusa Ventures is looking for

Companies who want to surprise their customers with:

Fit snacks

From in-between meals to pre/post sports, these are bites that complement an active lifestyle

Experimental snacks

Crickets, algae, or weeds but also imaginative packaging or eating experiences

Natural snacks

Snacks with great and savoury ingredients which need no further processing or added chemicals

Traditional snacks

Oldies but goodies! More traditional ingredients and recipes but with an innovative twist

Grefusa Ventures is looking for

Companies using technology in the following areas:

Consumer behaviour

Technologies which allow to segment, understand, amplify or predict consumer’s behaviour and habits

Point of sale

Technologies in the point of sale which provide information on the consumer, anticipate trends, etc.

Communication channels

Technological tools which boost Grefusa’s relationship with the consumers


Technologies which can impact the supply chain at any point

The infrastructure of a leader available for you

We want to make available our relations and capacity to support young companies in their process of trying new things, developing and building the brands and snacks of the future

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